How to Host the Best Holiday Party


holiday party host tipsThis time of year is one of my favorites by far. The weather is cooling down, sweaters are being pulled out and the big man himself (Santa Claus) will be dawning our chimneys shortly. With that being said, hosting a holiday party is always top on my to-do list as the year draws closer to an end.

No matter which holiday you celebrate, these tips are going to help you be the best hostess (or host) this side of the North Pole. So if you’re ready to getting your party planning started, let’s get to it!

1. Grab a Co-host
This tip is dependent on the size of your party. I find that if I’m hosting a large group for the holidays, it’s always nice to have a co-host to break the duties up with. It is also incredibly helpful on the budget. If you prefer to go it alone, that is perfectly fine too. Simply skip this step.

2. Keep it Simple.
When it comes to selecting the menu, you want to pick things that will keep you out of the kitchen throughout the party. Consider selecting pre-made platters or small bites that are easy to assemble and you can make in bulk ahead of time. This way you have the opportunity to enjoy the party with your guests.

3. Step away from the Cocktail Shaker.
Unless you hire a bartender, there is no need to be mixing drinks all night long. Whether you think it is cliche or not, consider a spiked cider or mulled wine as your cocktail of choice. This makes a large portion that everyone can sip on throughout the party. (A side suggestion: encourage your guests to bring their favorites. You’ll provide the mixers and they can bring the booze. This will also help with your budget.)

4. Deck the Halls.
Since this is a holiday party you will want to decorate accordingly. Best part about hosting a holiday party, most of your house will already be decorated for the approaching holiday. Simply add a little extra touches throughout to really amp up your theme.

5. Manage the Mood.
Consider turning all your bright lights down or off and using side lighting. Bring some christmas lights inside, light candles and really make it a cool setting with the right ambiance. You will also want a great playlist going on in the background – whether traditional christmas classics or modern hits. Lastly, if the weather allows it, crack the windows for a bit of that brisk air inside. Better to be cool than hot during a party.

6. Enjoy Yourself.
Just because you are hosting the party, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time too. Have everything squared away before your guests arrive so you can mix and mingle. Dance, drink and have a jolly ole’ time!

Now that I’ve shared my helpful tips, I want to hear from you. Is there one tip you know works every time? Share it in the comments below.

Perhaps you need some themed ideas or additional help. If so, send me an email at I am always happy to provide more tips and tricks!

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