Winter Wedding Trends You Should Include on Your Big Day


We love a great winter wedding. Particularly one that showcases traditional winter elements in it. But which elements should you include in your big day? We’ve got the answer for you here.

Cakes with Texture
When it comes to your wedding cake you want people to ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ over it. So this winter select the right one that will capture those responses. My personal favorite trend is the bright white wedding cakes that have some kind of texture to them. The texture can be through fondant or by apply earthy elements to the cake. You can even go less on the frosting by having a naked cake instead.

naked wedding cakesnaked wedding cakes

Greenery and Nontraditional Florals
This is where fir branches, succulents and berries should play a big part in your wedding. Use these elements in your centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres. You should also request that your florist add a white sheen to the flowers so they really exemplify the winter months.

winter florals1

Winter Accents
Whether you are getting married while there is snow on the ground or when there is a light brisk breeze in the air, incorporating winter accents into your wedding will really exaggerate the time of year. Some of my favorite accents include pinecones, berries, branches and even snow-covered balsam fir limbs are perfect.

holiday wedding inspiration, holiday wedding flowers

Bold Colors
Think rich reds and deep forest greens for your decor color theme. You can even go with dark navy blues with a touch of metallics too. With the cold winter weather and the lack of sunshine, it’s no wonder the dark colors work so well with winter weddings.


Now that you have some great trends to include in your winter wedding, we want to hear from you. Will you be using one of these? If so let us know in the comments below.

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