6 Things You Absolutely Should Do the Day Before Your Wedding


The day is nearly here and your months of planning are coming to an end (take that sigh of relief – you deserve it!). It’s the day before your wedding and all you want to do is fast forward to get to the good stuff. However, there’s no need to rush – take advantage of the day before your wedding to enjoy the moment and get organized.
Day After Wedding Photo Shoot | Wedding Photo Ideas | Perfect Wedding GuideSo what should you absolutely make sure you do with just 24 hours before the Big Day? We asked some of the top wedding experts for their to do list:

1. Get prepared
The last thing you want is to wake up on your big day only to rush around gathering everything last minute. “Prepare by putting all wedding-related décor items in one spot before handing it off to your reception contact,” shares Audrey Isaac of 100 Candles. “Take time to put all of your wedding day stationery, candles, and favors together and clearly label the outside of the boxes to make things easier on your planner or reception coordinator. Don’t forget to include any special instructions for items that may be sensitive to certain conditions, such as temperatures.”

2. Factor in some one-on-one time
We get it – the wedding planning process can be stressful. The day before the wedding is the perfect time to get away from it all and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of what flowers to choose or who to cut off the invite list. “Go on a ‘no wedding talk allowed’ date with your almost-to-be,” encourages Chelsea LaVere of Tidewater & Tulle. “Bask in the bliss of just being together to remind yourselves that your relationship is so much more beyond your beautiful wedding day. A breather moment for two is just what the love doctor orders!” ?

3. Break in those shoes
Give your shoes a good test run if you haven’t already. Whether you take them for a walk around the block or you don them for vacuuming, it’ll save you some discomfort on the big day. “There is nothing worse than barking feet to ruin your fun,” promises Jamie Turner of Turner Photography. “Avoid the pain by trying them out the day before.”

4. Enjoy the company of family and friends
Whether it’s the traditional rehearsal dinner or an informal get-together, it’s nice to include your guests in a pre-wedding celebration. The weekend is about you – but it’s also about the union of two families and what better way to start the weekend off on the right foot than a casual gathering?

5. Ditch the cell phone
That’s right – all the way off! What’s done is done, so leave the last-minute things to your planner and enjoy your day. “Take one last look at your cell,” says Emily Bartlett of Glint Events. “Share your maid of honor’s number with your planner if you must, but it’s time for you to put your phone away for the rest of the weekend!”

6. Don’t miss out on those Z’s
Nobody wants to yawn in the middle of his or her vows! Sleep is essential for a clear head and bag-less eyes for your special day, so don’t slack on the snoozing. Aim for eight hours and be cautious about indulging in alcohol – while it may help the pre-wedding jitters, it won’t help your sleep quality!

And in the end, just remember- your special day will come no matter what! So remember to enjoy the final moments before your Big Day- it will be a whirlwind and you want to enjoy as much as you can!

Meghan Ely is the owner of OFD Consulting, a niche wedding PR and marketing firm exclusively specializing in the wedding industry. She is a highly sought after speaker and regular contributor to a number of industry publications.

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