Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors


Being that yesterday was National Chocolate Cake day, I wanted to continue the cake loving excitement with a post all about the delicious treat. Obviously.

most popular wedding cake flavorsCakes are an essential factor of any wedding. You can select to go ultra traditional and pick a classic tiered cake or add a new age touch by going the route of cupcakes. Each direction is one that will bring a smile to the faces of all your wedding guests. Now the real question that you and your partner have to ask is what flavor do we want?

Flavor options in the cake world are endless. You can go with a classic chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing or lemon poppyseed with a raspberry filling or a white sponge cake with a rose water infused frosting. The options are unlimited. To help you decide, I strongly recommend cake tastings with your cake designer so you can see exactly what works best for you. If you are going the DIY route, talk with your friend or family member who is planning on making the cake. You will most likely want a trial run so you know what it tastes like.

To help you with some flavor combinations, I found this AWESOME infographic from POPSUGAR that is sure to be beneficial to you both.

wedding cake flavor ideas

This graphic was great, right? I personally loved it. Even with this great graphic, I know you clicked on this post for one reason – to find out what the most popular cake flavors are. I know! So without further ado, here are the most popular cake flavors of years past.

Red Velvet
White Chocolate Raspberry
Coconut + Lime
Pink Champagne

What flavor are you considering for your wedding cake? Leave us a comment below with your options or the cake flavor you did select for your wedding.

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