Why You Should Absolutely Have a Honeymoon


“We’re not going on our honeymoon right away,” a number of soon-to-be-wed couples say. “We can’t afford it right now, so we’ll save up and take the trip of our dreams in a few years…maybe on our five-year anniversary.”


Do you know how many of those couples actually take that trip? You guessed it–very few. After the wedding, they get so caught up in life that the idea of taking a honeymoon fades in the face of mortgages, car payments, babies, and other standard living expenses. More often than not, any future travel involves the entire family and very little alone time for the happy couple.

Listen up, engaged couples: you should absolutely, positively have a honeymoon!

We don’t necessarily mean a lavish $10,000 honeymoon at a secluded all-inclusive resort (though if you can afford to do that, more power to you). We mean some time scheduled immediately after the wedding where it’s just the two of you away from home, friends, family, work, and other obligations.

Your honeymoon is a time when you get to decompress from all of the months of stress that wedding planning often involves. It allows you to fully process and appreciate your wedding and the promises you made to each other. It removes the distractions so that you two can truly focus on each other and the love you share.

If you think that you can’t afford a honeymoon, think again. No one said you had to travel around the world to get away. Look up nearby hotels and resorts and take advantage of local resident discounts. You could also consider becoming an Airbnb host to cover your expenses while you’re away. Some couples don’t plan anything in particular and just use any money they receive among their wedding gifts to take an impromptu trip anywhere they can afford.

Whatever it takes, it’s worth it to make the time to have your honeymoon and fully enjoy the beginning of your wedded life together. Trust us…the bills and responsibilities will still be there when you get back!

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