Delicious 2016 Wedding Cake Trends


Ah, wedding cake…how we adore thee! You’ve given us a lot to love in 2016. Some of the hottest wedding cake trends are carry-overs from years past and some are innovative and new. Here are just some of the most delicious wedding cake trends we’ve seen so far this year:

Pantone color schemes.
It shouldn’t surprise anyone that couples and designers are working quite a bit with Pantone’s two Colors of the Year for 2016 (Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue). We’re seeing mostly pastel versions of these colors, especially in watercolor cakes!

Naked cakes.
wedding cakesThis trend grew in popularity last year and continues to flourish. Many wedding cakes are forgoing the outer layer of frosting so guests can see the individual cake layers and any fillings like fresh fruit. Despite what you may think, these cakes aren’t necessarily easier or less expensive than traditional wedding cakes. They require a careful bake and designer’s touch to look lovely rather than sloppy.

Drippy ganache.
wedding cakesRight in line with naked cakes are cakes boasting drippy ganache over the top rather than the smoothly-iced look preferred in past years. We think this provides a lovely whimsical look if it’s handled properly.

More buttercream, less fondant.
Pictures of Wedding Cakes for Any BudgetCake bakers are getting more and more creative with buttercream, undertaking ambitious designs that they previously only attempted with fondant. Because most people like the taste of buttercream better than fondant, we think this is a wonderful new trend!

Floral wreaths.
wedding cakesRight in line with the Boho-chic trend is the use of floral wreaths and laurels to decorate wedding cakes. These might appear in the form of actual flowers and greenery or extravagant buttercream floral creations. Against a simple monochromatic frosting color, these wreaths make quite a statement.

Sugar flowers.
The liberal use of sugar flowers, particularly with a modern flair such as laser-cut designs, has grown in popularity. They’re so sweet and pretty when clustered together in varying colors!

Avant-garde décor elements.
Think of bold sugar work in artistic designs, geometrically-cut fruit, or fondant-covered rice cereal treats sculpted to look like geodes and crystal-like sugar creations. These are some of the décor elements trending this year.

A nod to tradition.
Couples are looking to the past—as in many decades ago—and borrowing traditional elements from cakes designed in the 1950s. Retro-vintage is definitely still in!

StacyAndersonPhotographyThis year’s wedding cakes are incorporating an elegant touch as bakers include metallic colors in their designs, especially rose gold, bronze, and copper tones.

Do you want to weigh in with your thoughts on wedding cake trends? Please reach out to us in the comments!

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