Wedding Reception Games Your Guests Will Love + DIY Project


Looking for a fun way to entertain guests at your wedding reception? Why not a fun game of ring toss? Use your ring toss after your wedding at sporting tailgates, beach or any other fun family function. Follow the directions below and you’ll be ready for game time in no time!

-Wooden crate
-Spray paint
-Scissors and/or pruning shears
-2 different colors/prints of duct tape
-About 10 wine empty bottles of various sizes and shapes without labels and corks. The number of wine bottles depends on your crate. I added beer bottles just because I didn’t want all of my bottles to be the same height.


1. I got this rope from Michaels for $6.99 in the wreath section. It was difficult to cut with scissors and a box cutter but that is all we had at the office. The pruning shears would most likely work better. Warning- you will break a sweat doing this outside in June. Whew, it was hot!box cutters cutting rope

2. The rope frayed a little bit so we put duct tape on both ends of the rope before taping the ends together.frayed ends 2 frayed ends

3. After you have put tape on both ends of the rope, shape it into a ring and apply your duct tape. Now do this for as many rings as you want each team to have. I personally thought that 3 rings per team was a good number.   ring

4. Spray paint your bottles and place them in the crate. Allow proper drying time! I chose chalk spray paint for the wine bottles because I wanted a rustic look for if/when the paint chips. crate

5. Time to play! Now you have a fun activity for the kiddos (and fun adults) to play at your wedding. Don’t forget to take your ring toss with you next time you tailgate for your next sporting event or on your next vacation for some beach fun!ring toss rings toss 2


What other ways have you entertained your guests at your wedding reception? We would love to hear more ideas from you in our comments section below!

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