6 Original Transportation Ideas for Your Wedding


Today is Car Collector Appreciation Day, which made us think about what an impact a couple can make by arriving to or departing from their wedding in a classic car. Sometimes it’s a touch like this that makes the most memorable moments at a wedding. If you’re thinking of arranging some fun or cool transportation ideas for your wedding, maybe one of these six ideas will hit the mark:

1. A trolley. Trolleys make a wonderful option for groups, whether you want a fun way to get your wedding party to and from the venue or if you need to shuttle your guests around. One note of caution is that most trolleys are open-air, which can get windy and possibly ruin hairstyles.

Wedding Transportation

2. A boat or yacht. Arriving or departing on the water can make a dramatic and romantic impact. A boat or canoe would be a good option for the two of you, whereas a yacht would allow you to transport your guests and wedding party, too.

Wedding Transportation

3. A hayride or sleigh ride. With rustic-chic weddings still so popular, a hayride would be a fun way to transport and entertain your guests. If snow’s in the forecast, a sleigh ride would be a wonderfully whimsical option instead.

Wedding Transportation

4. An elephant. Arriving on an elephant’s back is a popular tradition in South Asian weddings. Talk about making a grand statement!

Wedding Transportation

5. A Vespa. If you want an option that’s cute, sweet, and environmentally friendly, rent a Vespa that can cart the two of you off after the reception. Don’t forget the “Just Married” sign on the back!

Wedding Transportation

6. A hot air balloon. This one can be tricky because the conditions have to be just right, but a hot air balloon departure would be simply amazing in photos. Pack some champagne and finger foods to nibble on as you both float away to begin your new life together.

Wedding Transportation

What original transportation ideas would you add to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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