Your Go-To Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

Calling all bridesmaids! We’ve put together your go-to guide for planning the perfect bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. Remember you can adjust the time frame and personalize these details to the bachelorette party style you are trying to achieve. Happy Planning!

Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

3+ Months Before

    – Get the brides thoughts on what she wants – and doesn’t want – for her bachelorette party. Will it be a quiet weekend at a mountain retreat? A night filled with cocktails, dirty scavenger hunt and dancing on tables in Vegas? A living room lingerie exchange? Snacks and beer on the lake? Get some ideas from the guest of honor and plan from there.
    – Determine her comfort level. If she is looking forward to breaking the rules a bit, be sure to discuss with her what that exactly means. Remember, even though you want her to cut loose, you don’t want her to feel embarrassed or freak her out.
    – Save the date. Most bachelorette parties are hosted a few months before the wedding, while others opt to go out a week or two before. It is important to discuss availability of the other bridesmaids and set the official date. Especially if many are coming from all over.
    – Create the guest list.

2 Months Before

    – Send out a save-the-date email to determine any major conflicts that may be among the invitees. If the party is far away, be sure to include specific details so everyone can plan accordingly.
    – Come up with the game plan, entertainment and any party extras with the group. Remember to keep it a surprise from the bride, if you want to.
    – If the bachelorette weekend is going to take place out of town, make reservations, book tickets and arrange hotel accomodations and transportation details.
    – Seeing as most bachelorette parties include some kind of alcohol consumption, be sure to research transportation arrangements. Now is the time to start thinking about a limo, party bus or other car rentals to get you and the other invitees around for the trip/evening.
    – If you are considering a form of talent to be at the party, you’ll want to research and book them now.

1 Month Before

    – Send out invitations. Be sure that your invitations politely inform guests of the contribution expected for the trip (be specific here).
    – Make a shopping list (if celebrating at home) and divvy up responsibilities – games, decorations, playlists, sleeping arrangements and food and drinks.

1 Week Before

    – Purchase all bachelorette party accessories.
    – Create a list of the games that will be played (including all directions and rules).
    – Confirm RSVPs.
    – Confirm transportation arrangements and at-home entertainment.

Day Before

    – Debrief the bride about the weekend, while keeping some (or most) details a surprise.
    – Reconfirm all reservations.
    – Rest up. You’ve got a fun-filled weekend ahead of you!

Photo Credit: Justin DeMutiis Photography via Brides