How to Infuse Humor + Personality in Your Wedding


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Let’s face it… weddings are a serious business. They’re about joining two people in holy matrimony, bringing together two families, and crafting a new future together. With all of the pressure that comes of planning a wedding, you deserve a little levity. Here are some ways you can infuse your wedding with tasteful humor and personality:

1. Your vows. Yes, vows are meant to be taken seriously and they should reflect what you’re committing to each other. They can also be personalized to touch on something significant to both of you and bring a little levity to the ceremony. For example, “I promise to love and cherish you as much as [insert favorite sports team, animal friend, etc.]. I will care for you in sickness and in health with as little complaining as possible, do the dishes at least twice a week, and pick up treats for you when you’re feeling down.” You get the gist.

2. Quotes. Most weddings include quotes on stationery and/or signage. Some of our favorites are ring bearer signs reading, “It’s your last chance to run, [insert bride or groom’s name” or “Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single.” Other fun quotes include, “I’m now 100% yours…all sales final!,” “I like your last name…can I have it?” and “Trust me, you can dance. [signed, Alcohol].”

3. Hashtags. No one said your wedding hashtag has to be typical or boring! Think of fun spins on your names or initials. Some fun ones we found include #WedLongAndProsper, #OneHaleOfAWedding, and #ThisIsOurWeddingHashtag.

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4. Cakes/Cake toppers. You’ve probably seen the cake topper with the bride dragging the groom after her, and maybe toppers where the happy couple is dressed up like their favorite characters from movies or books. These are just a couple of humorous cake topper ideas. We also like wedding cakes done in a traditional beautiful design with humorous elements incorporated into them, like the cake with Batman peeking out from under the fondant or with the dark outline of Hogwarts castle on the back.

5. Pictures. One of the best ways to reflect your personality is through your wedding photos. Think of pics with the groom getting held back by his wedding party as the bride (or other groom) tries to tug him away, or where the groom is holding up his ring hand in a bride-like sassy pose while his wedding party gasp in fake astonishment, or where the couple is kissing and the flower girl and ring bearer are covering their eyes. Too sweet!

6. Videos. There are lots of wedding fail videos out there and we sincerely hope your wedding avoids any of those. But you could work with your videographer to create a video with purposeful fun elements, like the couple that surprised their guests by having everyone in the wedding party dance down the aisle, or the couple who brought in a flash mob during the reception. Talk about memorable!

We hope that you find some creative ways to bring humor into your big day. Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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