Wedding Accessories 101


Wedding accessories cover everything except the dress, head to toe, literally. Thinking about wedding accessories is one of the important details that aren’t pieced together all at once.

Once you say yes to the dress, next comes the veil. Does this one match? Do I want lace or no lace? What length do I want it to be? There are so many options, and it’s one of the first details that need to be determined before anything else.

Photography by | Andy Morris

After that comes the shoes. Some people go casual with converse or flats; some want blingy stilettos! If you want it to match your dress, take note of the detail on the dress first and foremost. Blingy shoes don’t necessarily match an all lace dress unless you plan to make a statement that way. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you want!

Photography by | Elisa Bricker | OH Snap! Photography |

Do you plan to wear jewelry? Notice the neckline of your dress and see how a necklace would look. Strapless gowns look beautiful with statement necklaces because there is so much blank space, where an illusion high neckline would look cluttered and busy with a necklace.

Photo Credit | Dress Safari • Necklace by Rodrigo Otazu

Earrings and bracelets are in the same ballpark, which would complement your dress best?








Photo Credit | Crystal Avenues • Purchase at Etsy store at: Crystal Avenues Etsy Shop

Hair pieces for updos are gorgeous ways to add some bling to your attire.

Photo Credit & Purchase online | Brass Lotus Etsy Shop

Don’t forget about the beautiful wedding day lingerie as well as a garter for the traditional garter toss!

Photo Credit & Purchase online | Star Trim Etsy Store

These details are the fun parts of wedding planning. What do you plan to wear to accessorize your wedding dress?


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