Q&A with the 10K: Meet the PWG sweethearts


How much can $10,000 provide for a wedding? … a whole lot!

The Perfect Wedding Guide’s 10K WINNERS are in! Say hello to Rachel Talbott & Eric Moser. We asked the lovely couple if they would share their story with us and they said yes! We started with sending them a Q&A to answer the about each other and this is what we received.

See how Ray & Eric’s answers vary!!

Who was [groom’s] best friend growing up?

  • Bride Ray: Ryan, his neighbor down the street.
  • Groom Eric: Ryan Volpenhein, neighbor

Who was [bride’s] best friend growing up?

  • Bride Ray: When I was really young, Samantha, who is my mother’s best friend’s daughter. In 7th grade, I met my current best friend of about 16 years, Tyrone.
  • Groom Eric: Tyrone Brown

Where was [Groom/Bride] born?

  • Bride and Groom both born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What was your first date together?

  • Bride Ray: Well…I think I’m going to combine #5 and #6: Our first kiss was actually before our first date. We had been friends for about 5-6 months and had feelings for each other for a little while when we attended a party after Taste of Cincinnati with many of our close friends. Supposedly he intended to ask me out on a date but hadn’t yet, and after pretty much everyone at the party overindulged, including myself, I went for it and kissed him. The next day I felt so embarrassed that I actually apologized to him since that was super out of character for me and he assured me that it was absolutely okay – but then I decided I had nothing to lose and asked him to go to a movie with me. We went to see the animated movie Epic in 3D that night and we’ve been together since.
  • Groom Eric: Saw some animated movie about fairies or something, not Tinkerbelle, can’t remember the name Epic, Brave.  Something along those lines

When was your first kiss together?

  • Ray & Eric: After Taste of Cincinnati 2013 and some encouragement.

How many kids do you guys want to have?

  • Bride Ray: 2
  • Groom Eric: 2

What is the theme of your wedding?

  • Bride Ray: Our wedding is in a contemporary art museum so we’re sticking with that motif – very clean, modern, sleek, and contemporary. Luckily Eric has been pretty involved in the planning, including helping me craft a bit.
  • Groom Eric: Orange and Navy blue Classy and modern

Where will you both retire?

  • Bride Ray: Much to my dismay, probably Cincinnati. Haha. I hope to travel quite a bit or move somewhere warmer. I think Eric would travel a lot but probably wouldn’t move outside of the Greater Cincinnati area. He likes to live close to his family.
  • Groom Eric: Where we are living

What does [groom] think is [bride’s] best physical feature?

  • Bride Ray: My eyes
  • Groom Eric: Her beautiful eyes

What does [bride] think is [groom’s] best physical feature?

  • Bride Ray: His smile
  • Groom Eric: Lips??

One word to describe [bride]

  • Bride Ray: Driven
  • Groom Eric: Inquisitive

One word to describe [groom]

  • Bride Ray: Goofy
  • Groom Eric: Erratic

What is [groom’s] favorite thing [bride] cook for him?

  • Bride Ray: Sea scallops or Beef Wellingtons
  • Groom Eric: Scallops

What is [bride’s] favorite thing [groom] cooks for her?

  • Bride Ray: His weekend breakfasts or his Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Groom Eric: Breakfast

Which one of you is better with money?

  • Bride Ray: Eric. We’re both pretty good with money in general, but he’s much better with investing and understanding all of the intricacies of various account types. etc.
  • Groom Eric: Me

Which one of you is better with kids?

  • Bride Ray: I’d say it’s about 50/50. I’m better with babies and teenagers, he’s better with the fun, in-between ages.
  • Groom Eric: Toss-up

Which one of you is better at dancing?

  • Bride Ray: Me
  • Groom Eric: I think I’m good but I think the bride is the clear winner

If [bride] could go anywhere in the world, where would she go?

  • Bride Ray: If we’re talking about traveling, Rome.
  • Groom Eric: Houston

If [groom] could go anywhere in the world, where would he go?

  • Bride Ray: Germany or anywhere he can do his hobbies: fish, mountain bike, etc.
  • Groom Eric: Somewhere with good fishing!

Stay tuned and follow Ray and Eric’s story as they become newlyweds! We’ll let you know more about their engagement, wedding planning experience and all about the big day on August 12, 2017!

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