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Remember in high school and college, when you and your friends would play games, competing in tug-o-war and such? There was always an opportunity for prizes and for gut-busting laughter?

Well, just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean you can’t still have that!

Actually on the contrary, you’re wedding day should be jam packed with fun, on the day of, the day before, the week before, and all the days leading up to it. Now would be the perfect time for me to tell you about the benefits of a wedding planner (because I am a Twin Cities wedding planner and because wedding planners encourage less stress and more fun), but instead I want to talk about another way for you to keep your engagement stress free.

Minneapolis wedding event at Hope Glen Farm

Are you’re looking for an opportunity to bond with your bridal party, maybe you just want an excuse to do something after work on a weekday? Or perhaps you have some members of your wedding party who don’t know each other very well. Like your personal attendant is a close cousin, a few bridesmaids are sorority sisters or work friends, but then your Maid of Honor is your older sister and you’ve got grade school buddies in the mix too.

Let them get acquainted before the big day!

There’s nothing better than your wedding party working together on your wedding day to ensure that your train is fluffed, your bouquet stays fresh and you always have a coat of fresh lip gloss on. Bridal Wars will get them all united on the wedding front, and it can’t hurt if you win some prizes along the way! Want to know what you could win? Click here for the prize sponsor list.

knee high pink socks and matching baseball tees

Bridal Wars is a team competition, not a physical competition so there’s no need to have negative flashbacks to being picked last for dodgeball. It’s all fun and games and a really great way for your bridal party to bond. After all, they’re in it for you, why not warm them up for your wedding day!

The next Twin Cities Bridal Wars event will be at Hope Glen Farm in Cottage Grove, May 24th starting at 6:30pm. Hope Glen Farm is a stunning barn venue, located minutes outside of Minneapolis. As a popular wedding venue with numerous amenities on site, it’s worth it just to be able to see the venue. Grab your girls and spend happy hour competing as a bridal team, click here to sign up!

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