Live Portrait Painting at Your Wedding


Transform your wedding into a work of art with live wedding painting!


Live event painters are professional artists who paint portraits of weddings during the actual event. They bring their canvas and supplies, set up on the big day, and paint a scene that includes the newlyweds, their guests, the venue, and the décor! Everything! After the painter is done, it will then be presented to the couple after their big day. A gorgeous keepsake that captures the magic and atmosphere of the wedding.

Katherine Gressel

Now of course the wedding photographer and videographer are a must have. A live painter doesn’t replace, but helps add more to your wedding experience. Friends and family LOVE interacting and watch as the painting is being created. Every artist has a unique brush stroke and it’s exciting to watch their talent. Even if you’re not an artist, having a live painter will entertain and be one of the most treasured items from the wedding day!

Agnes Csiszar

Thinking this is a great add-on to your wedding? A few things you may want to note is that every artist is very unique when it comes to their work. Find an artist with a style that’s most pleasurable to you! If you can’t find an artist advertising that they do wedding portraits, simply reach out to a local painter you like and ask! An artist who doesn’t know about this is most likely willing to work with you.

Making the magic last longer than just one day.

Take a look at Jennie’s works of art on her website for more inspiration!


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