6 Delicious Dessert Jar Recipes


Forget bite-sized cupcakes and bottomless fro yo — right now we’re obsessed with jars. Specifically, jars packed with everything from fresh cake to sweet caramel (with some chocolate chips thrown in for good measure). Not only are they portable and easy to eat, but jarred desserts are so pint-sized, it’s practically frowned upon if you stop at just one. And don’t get us started on cupcakes!  They may be cute but are the messiest treat known to mankind.  Cupcakes = crumbs.  Shooters = contained crumbs.  You get the picture?

Shooters, cake cups, mini desserts ~ whatever you choose to call them, has made its way over to weddings.  We can see why, as they are the perfect size for those of us who want something sweet but don’t want to overindulge AND they look amazing on dessert tables. You can do just about any type of dessert or cake in a shot glass from cheesecake to key lime pie to tiramisu.  The best part is that they are individual servings and easy to eat while sitting or walking around.

So here we have rounded up some delicious recipe’s to inspire our sweet brides!

Home Cooking Memories

This Easy No Bake Coffee Cheesecakes recipe is just another example of how a dessert can be so simple, but can still make an impression.


Nothing speaks cozy like a jar full of smores. Gimme som-moreee of that!

Joy Of Kosher

Who can resist a moist german chocolate cake? Grab a glass of milk!

A Night Owl

Instantly put a smile on anyones face. For this recipe in a jar, all you need is some butter, Bisquick, sugar, milk and canned peaches. FIVE ingredients, that together are crazy delicious.


This is a lemon meringue pie recipe with a twist.



These Banana Split Trifles in a Jar are a flawless way to enjoy a tasty dessert without feeling guilty about it afterwards.

Share with us on which dessert is your favorite, or share some of your own recipes with us!

Be careful…you can’t just eat one jar full!

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