How Young is Too Young For Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?


When thinking about who to pick for your bridal party, you can’t forget about the flower girl and/or ring bearer! Some brides prefer to skip the kids in general, but there are also many brides who can’t imagine the day without that special child in your life and giving them a role. Whether you have a niece or nephew, cousin, or a close friend with a young one, how young is too young – or how old is too old – for them to play their part?


The biggest thing to keep in mind when deciding this major factor is keeping their personality in mind. If you’re lucky enough, you might know a flower girl who is a runway model for a children’s fashion line on the side. This little girl is probably not afraid of attention and a crowd. Maybe every time your sister leaves her toddler, he screams uncontrollably until she returns? Maybe he’s not the best choice for a ring bearer unless you don’t mind the scream-fest. This is a huge key when deciding whether or not a child is a good fit or not.

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How cute is it when you see a baby being wheeled down the aisle in a cart? Too cute, that’s what. Going back to personality, if that baby can keep calm, then putting them in a little suit and tie or tutu dress is a go. But then again, there’s no harm in having mom carry the baby down the aisle! There are no rules in the wedding world, and if you really want a child in your wedding party then it can be done.

Other Roles

There are other roles that can be played outside of the traditional flower girl and ring bearer. If you have a child yourself that you want to have a big part, you could make them the “little” best man or maid of honor. Even a junior bridesmaid is popular enough to be walked down the aisle with someone to avoid any tantrums.

One last thing I’ve seen if you can’t find anyone to play the flower girl and ring bearer role, use your sense of humor and ask your grandmothers to toss the flowers or a grown man walk down the aisle as the ring bearer. These alternatives give more roles to special people in your life outside of children. In the end, there are no right or wrong ways to go about it, because it’s your wedding and you’re able to do whatever you want!

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It may not be traditional, but it sure is sweet.

Who are you planning to include as your flower girl and ring bearer? Let us know in the comments below!

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