Silver Floral Trends for 2017


Silver floral trends have become increasingly popular due to the clean and airy feel they give to the overall wedding look. These plants have a silvery foliage and are some of the most valuable, especially in the landscape world, because they look good with anything. While it’s silvery color is striking, most of these plants offer a lot more than just it’s color. The shapes and textures all differ and can add an interesting filler to any bouquet and centerpiece. If you are looking to get away from bold greens and aim for more softer tones, silver plants are the way to go. These plants look great with the bride’s white dress, gray suits, and soft color tones you may have your bridesmaids wearing or throughout the rest of your theme.


Photo Credit: SCOUTMOB


Photo Credit: Fifty Flowers

Lamb’s Ear

Photo Credit: The Vintage Road Store 

Dusty Miller

Photo Credit: Floret Cadet 

Brunia Berry

Photo Credit: Mayesh

All of these silver toned plants are making a huge trend for the 2017 year. With their cool sophistication, they make an easy choice in terms of floral and plant combinations. They also make great buffers against intense colors or changes in theme. If you’re looking to light up your color scheme or keep with the cool tones, consider filling your florals with silver plants!

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