Unique Head Pieces for the Non-Traditional Bride


Not interested in a traditional veil, or maybe want to add something else to your look on your wedding day? Look no further! There are so many gorgeous alternatives or additions to a veil that make any bride look drop dead gorgeous.

Head Pieces

There are many kinds of headpieces that range from your standard combs to headbands. If you’re wanting to stick with a veil, add in something to bring it up a notch.

Low Headpiece and Veil by Tiana Maras 

Pearl and Crystal Headband by Hermione Harbutt


Florals are always a yes in the wedding world. Subtle florals in your hair look amazing with soft hairstyles or bold floral crowns for the gorgeous boho bride. Long hairstyles look amazing with baby’s breath spread out throughout. There is no such thing as too many florals! In all honesty, the more the merrier! Have your bridesmaids wear florals in their hair, too!

Photo Credit: Erin + Ray Photography 

Photo Credit: Summer Leigha Photography 

Metal Tones

If you’re including metallic accents throughout your wedding, don’t hesitate when it comes to adding something (rose) gold, silver or even pearls in your hair! You don’t have to just stick with these accents on the tables or in your jewelry, these hair pieces are classic.

Headpiece from Bride a Boheme 

Hairpiece from Twigs and Honey 


Your wedding day is your day to do whatever you want, and there’s no such thing as too much sparkle! Add a bold rhinestone hairpiece to match your belt or bracelet, or both!

Art Deco Cinderella Headpiece by Emmy London

Bianca Headpiece from Olivia the Wolf 

Adding anything to your hair instead of or alongside a veil makes a huge bridal statement and will really glam up your wedding style! Let us know which one caught your eye!

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