Minimalist Wedding Ideas for the Plain Jane


When less is more!

There are so many types of brides. There is the bride who imagines nothing less than a huge garden themed blow-out wedding laced with chandeliers and lots of food. First of all, that sounds amazing. But we can’t forget about another type of bride that can imagine nothing more than a simple, yet classic wedding where the details are on a much smaller scale. Again, that sounds just as amazing. No two brides are the same, and that’s what makes weddings so diverse.


For him

Simple suits or tops with skinny ties are always a good idea in the wedding world. There isn’t always a need for the full tux-get-up, especially when you think in terms of comfort.

Photo Credit: Megan Robinson Photography 

For her

The name “Plain Jane” doesn’t just come from anywhere! A simple yet elegant dress will give such a whimsical feel to match the minimalist wedding theme.

Photo Credit: Cheyenne Schultz Photography 

Bridal Gown by Sarah Seven

For them

Keeping your bridesmaids in a minimal color tone will look great with simple floral arrangements.

Photo Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

The Florals

Keeping your florals to a minimum is a lot easier than it may seem. Incorporating greenery throughout the entire wedding day will add such a classic and minimal feel as well as being super budget-friendly. Fresh greenery will add a huge statement against color as well, even if you want to keep it to the white tones to accent your dress or lace through your hair.

Photo Credit: Jen Huang Photography 

Photo Credit: Michael Radford

Photo Credit: Jen Huang Photography 

The Stationery and Decor

Simple stationery is so classic and elegant. There are so many different styles of stationary, almost too many to choose from! Script black font against a simple white background will do the job just perfectly.

Photo Credit: Splash of Silver 

Simple decorations make the tables feel less crowded and you can focus more on the company surrounding you! A strand of greenery or simple dishes will look crisp and clean, especially against candlelight.

Photo by: Peaches and Mint Photography 

Photo Credit: Valentina Hunsaenger

The Cake

Photo Credit: Diana McGregor Photography 

Photo Credit: KariMe Photography 

Are you a minimalist bride or is the simplistic lifestyle not appealing to you? Let us know!

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