Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

When it comes to Bridal Showers, there are so many different themes to pick from. From Kate Spade inspired to the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but what about a cute Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower? Most of your gifts will be kitchen and home related, anyways. Why not use some of those cute gifts as your decor? They also can filter into favors and games, which will leave your guests impressed with your creativity.


Where do we start? Well, with the invitations of course! Make sure they match your theme and give your guests an idea to get excited about! Here are a few cute ideas for invitations that will be sure to get the point across!

Invitation from MKKMDesigns

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The decorations for this theme are endless! Replace your vases of florals with strainers, a Kitchen Aid mixer, or countertop jars of wooden spoons.

Photo Credit: Hostess with the Mostess

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Games and Prizes

Love them or hate them, games always show up at showers and they have the ability to be tasteful and actually really fun! To keep it on the tasteful side, make the winning prize something everyone will compete for!

Image from Kara’s Party Ideas

Image from Chars Crafty Crafts


Whip up on your own or order some eye-catching goodies from your favorite bakery to serve at your bridal shower! These cookies and sweets are a must-have at a Kitchen themed Bridal Shower.

Photo Credit: Suz Daily

Photo Credit: Aisle Perfect 


Kitchen Bridal Shower favors can range from inexpensive kitchen utensils, spatulas, or even dish rags that accent the color scheme of your shower and/or wedding.

Photo Credit: Kate Aspen

Another fun idea would be to give out something you made in the kitchen! Sweets are always a good idea or fill mason jars with ingredients for your guests to take home and try out for themselves.

Photo Credit: Aisle Perfect 


Have your guests fill out a recipe card with their favorite recipe ranging from breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts! This will be a great way to fill a personal recipe book from all of your family and friends. While you’re opening gifts, have one of your bridesmaids put all the cards in a recipe box or make it into a book for you to refer to as you cook for your soon-to-be spouse! It would also be a great idea to include this little detail on the invitations so your guests come prepared.

Image and Design by Karly K Design Shop

Another great idea is to have all your guests sign an apron for you to wear during the bridal shower and throughout your marriage! Maybe you’re not the one that cooks? It would also make a sweet gift to give to your fiance for them to wear instead. Or better yet, have your guests sign two of them for you both to match in!

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise 

Photo Credit: Linda Barry Photography 

How perfect are these Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower ideas?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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