Etiquette on Invitations


Sending out wedding invitations is more than just sticking a piece of pretty paper in the mail! There is a lot more that goes into it than you may think.

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Not providing the right time

If you plan to have your ceremony start at 2 pm, your guests will start to show up 30 minutes early. Make sure you’re not putting down times to play it safe, but make sure your guests know the exact time you intend on starting the ceremony. That way your guests will know what time to show up and won’t have to wait too long for your grand entrance. This will also help keep you on track and not have the bridal party running late. Keeping a specific time in mind is best for everyone, especially your guests who are there to see you.

Forgetting all the details

A well-informed guest is a happy guest! Make sure you include all locations and times on the invitation. If you say “Reception to follow,” that indicated that the reception is in the same place as the ceremony. If not, make sure you specify on the invitation the change of address and times for when the next event will start.

Sending invitations too late

This one is tricky. You want to send out invitations at least two months in advance from your wedding date. If you’re having a destination wedding, count back 12 weeks from your wedding date. This will give your guests a good idea on travel prices and not feel rushed when booking their trip. If you’ve sent out Save The Dates, your guests should know ahead of time to be free for your date, as well. That way you don’t need to worry about sending invitations too early.

Photo by Arielle Doneson Photography

Forgetting to put stamps on the RSVP envelopes

In terms of etiquette, you’re asking your guests to send back an RSVP so you have a head count on all who is coming and even what they plan to eat. It’s only common courtesy to pay their postage for them for a hassle free send of. Along with your invitation, send an RSVP and an addressed and stamped envelope. When you do it this way, you’ll get your RSVP’s back a lot quicker and people won’t forget!

Putting your registry information on the invitation

Yikes! Don’t make this mistake. Your registry information goes on all the Bridal Shower invitations. Your shower is meant for gifts, therefore people want to know where you’re registered. If you add this little detail on your wedding invitation, it might look greedy. If you aren’t having a shower, consider adding your wedding website on a details or information card.

Photo by Arielle Doneson Photography 

Not being clear who is invited

If you want to invite the Smith family, indicate on the envelope, “The Smith Family,” but if you want to invite just the parents, write “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” You can also write “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” followed by the kids’ individual names on the second line. That way it is clear who you’re intending on inviting.

Are you ready to send out your invitations?

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