5 Unique Gifts For The Bride-To-Be


The bride-to-be spends so much time and money on all things planning and gift giving. With traditional gift giving for bridesmaids, family members, and favors, there’s no harm in giving the bride a little something to say congratulations!

For the bride with a sense of humor…

Hook and Hoop 

Tears (happy of course!) will be shed throughout the day, and what better way to wipe away those tears than with a perfectly dainty and blunt handkerchief? She’ll giggle every time she pulls it out thanks to you.

For the Mrs. who loses everything…

Elycia Camille 

Washing dishes, taking a shower, digging in the garden? These are just a few things that require taking your ring off, which you should anyways. The last thing she’ll say is “where’s my ring?!” because it’ll always be in this safe place.

Who loves to flaunt her date!

Mod Party 

Having any piece of jewelry with her wedding date on it is so special to have. From bracelets like this to bar necklaces with roman numerals, she’ll wear it all the time!

For the religious bride

The Hipster Housewife 

This has to be one of the best gifts out there. Personalized, sentimental, and all around unique! There are so many different styles and options to pick from, and you’ll be sure to stun the bride with this thoughtful gift!

For the stressed Mrs. to be…

A Night Owl Blog 

Help her relax with a foot bath, bath salts, and little things to help her pamper herself at home. The best part is you can get a lot of this stuff in the dollar sections at the store. Or get her a gift card to an actual spa and join her for a day at the spa!

Which gift was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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