A Box of “Firsts”


One of my favorite traditions at a wedding consists of a box of “Firsts” such as a first-anniversary box. These boxes have become a part of the ceremony where the couple finds something that symbolizes them or simply likes the idea and uses that table as a symbol of staying together forever. An example of this box is filling it with bottles of wine. Each bottle is titled for a different “first” such as your first New Year’s Eve as a married couple, or your first big purchase together. I’ve also seen the First Big Fight Box, where the couple writes love letters to each other before the wedding giving each other advice how to get through a big fight. These boxes symbolize working things out and looking forward to the future together. The bigger the goal, the more you show how dedicated the two of you are for your marriage together. You could only write letters to each other for your one year, five years, twenty-five years, and fiftieth wedding anniversary and put them in a box to open on each of those events. This gives the two of you something to look forward to and show the unending love you share. You could make this a significant ceremony within your wedding as the two of you place your letters or items into a custom made box and either nail it shut, or lock it up for the days, it is intended to open again.

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