Common Wedding Mistakes


If you’re like any bride, you’re scared of making a mistake on your wedding day. The idea of something not going right eats away at you, and you have countless bad dreams of the wedding day going south… Please tell me this isn’t just me! If this is you, here are some common mistakes I’ve found to avoid!

  • Paying attention to detail is key when planning a wedding, and if you’ve skipped any Excel classes then it’s time to YouTube how it works because I live by it! Following your budget very closely is one of the key aspects of the planning process and should be taken very seriously. The organization is also key, therefore do all you can to write everything down, document it, remember it, and most importantly not forgetting anything.
  • With that being said, start with a basic list. Write down your priorities and what is most important to you. This way you get everything you want, and pre-planning will benefit your big time. This also makes future decisions easier. Also, if you decide purple isn’t your color two months before the wedding, you need to have these details set in stone with plenty of time. Know what you want from the get-go!
  • Another huge thing to avoid is doing anything before the guest list. The guest list is vital to everything. If you book a venue before you guest count, it may be way too big or way too small. Then what? You have to slim down the guest list and miss out on certain people. The first thing you need to do is sit down with both families and start listing out everyone you want there. Addresses can come later, but do this at the beginning to determine the rest of the details!
  • We all want to look flawless on our wedding day and don’t worry, you will! The last thing you need to do is drop two sizes before your final fitting. This causes a lot of time constraints and stress for you and your seamstress. Plan ahead and order your dress smaller from the beginning if you know you plan to lose weight. Fitness goals and plans are good to make way in advance to keep yourself healthy as well as making sure your gown fits flawlessly.
  • Don’t leave a task for the morning of that you plan to take care of yourself. Hire someone or ask your aunt to do this task for you! The last thing you need to do the morning of is set out place cards or add chair covers to all the chairs in your venue to save money. Chances are there are plenty of people who want to help you with anything you need; you just need to use your words! Spend the morning resting and getting pampered and dolled up to walk down the aisle!

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