Having seen, planned and connected couples and vendors for thousands of weddings, we’ve been asked more questions than we can even remember. A number of those questions have come up more commonly than others. Today we’re going to answer 11 of those for you!


1. Should I guarantee fewer guests than say they will attend? It’s okay to under guarantee your guest count, but you have to check your contract to see how many people your caterer can handle what you do guarantee. Typically that number is less than five percent. That means if you guarantee 100 guests, then your caterer will be able to feed 105. You don’t want to make your guarantee so low that there isn’t enough food for everyone.

2. Should I hire a professional videographer/photographer/stylist, etc.? You really should. There is no overestimating the value of working with someone who has experience and professional equipment for your wedding services.

3. What’s the difference between a traditional and civil wedding ceremony? A traditional ceremony typically has religious elements and a civil ceremony doesn’t.

4. Can I give my mom a different corsage than my future mother-in-law? Of course, you can. It’s even a nice idea to ask their preferences on things like floral color and whether they would like a wrist or pin-on corsage. Just keep them of comparable value.

5. Should I pay for my wedding attendants to travel to the wedding? This is a personal choice and isn’t usually very budget-friendly to do so. I generally recommend that you do your best to invite attendants who can afford to pay their own way.

6. Do I have to invite my coworkers? No, you don’t. In fact, you don’t HAVE to invite anyone to your wedding. It can be a nice gesture to invite your boss and/or coworkers who are as close as friends, but keeping your work life separate from your personal life is perfectly acceptable.

7. If someone is invited to my shower, do I have to invite them to my wedding? Wedding etiquette says you do.

8. Can I have a cash bar? You can have a cash bar, an open bar, or no bar at all. That’s entirely up to you, the style of your event, and your budget.

9. Do I have to have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen? No, you don’t… and it’s even becoming trendy to have an unbalanced wedding party. Mixed gender wedding parties are also all the rage. Do what works for you.

10. Do I really need a rehearsal? While a rehearsal isn’t required for a smooth wedding day, having one can help ease nerves and make everyone more comfortable on the day itself.

11. Do I have to assign my guests to tables? Generally, assigned seating is the norm for weddings, but there’s nothing wrong with doing open seating if that suits the style of your wedding.

While these are some of the most common wedding questions, I’m always happy to answer any you may have. Just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!

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