Would You Skip?


A survey shows family members would skip your wedding for the Superbowl…WTH?

Many couples love the idea of a winter wedding. Whether they live in southern California where the weather will still be warm or if they want to get hitched in Colorado with the snowy mountains as their backdrop, winter weddings can appeal to many.

However, a recent survey conducted by CouponCabin.com found that some family members may opt out of the ceremony if they have the chance to go to the Superbowl. The survey showed that one in five U.S. adults would skip a family member’s wedding to attend the Superbowl if their favorite football team was in it.

It wasn’t just a wedding people would miss – 21 percent would miss an important work responsibility, 19 percent would miss a funeral and 15 percent would miss the birth of their child.

Couples who are planning a wedding may want to shy away from the first weekend in February  – especially if they have some die-hard football fans in their family.

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