Serving a healthy wedding cake – it’s possible!


Brides are currently serving unique cakes at their wedding.

Women who are currently planning a wedding have many decisions to make. Of course, one of the most important ones may be the sweetest – the wedding cake.

While not every bride needs to impose such dietary restrictions on their cuisine, those looking for unique wedding ideas may want to think outside the box. Sugar-free or organic wedding cakes are always a fantastic option that can entice guests to leave room for dessert.

The vegan lifestyle has gained momentum in recent years, and it shows no sign of stopping. An increasing number of Americans have chosen to eliminate all meat and animal byproducts from their diet for environmental, health, or moral reasons, and that decision doesn’t stop just because you’re getting married. Plenty of caterers can work with your dietary restrictions to create a delicious, animal-free wedding menu, but vegan brides-to-be face an especially difficult task when it comes to finding a wedding cake made without any milk, eggs, butter, or cream.

Have a wedding pie if you want! Or cupcakes. Or individual flutes of chocolate mousse that people can clink together for a “toast.” Or, if you really want a cake-cake, go to a bakery, order a large sheet cake and have them write your names and wedding date on the top. Boom! That just saved you another several hundred bucks.

You’re welcome!

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