6 Steps to Planning a Vow Renewal


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It’s National Spouses Day, so what better time to discuss vow renewals? I love celebrating years of happy marriage with renewals! Whether a couple is renewing their vows after 5 years or 50, the purpose of such a wonderful event is both sentimental and romantic. If you’re thinking of having a vow renewal, here are some tips to aid you in your planning:

Who: Your guest list can include just you and your spouse or be as expansive as a traditional wedding where you invite all of your closest family members and friends. Just remember that a renewal can entail the same costs as a wedding, so only invite as many people as you can afford.

What: Wondering what a vow renewal entails? Actually, they don’t have to include many elements. The only essential components are you, your spouse, and an officiant. Since it isn’t a legally binding service, you could even have a family member or friend perform the ceremony. Again, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be!

When: Don’t feel as though you have to wait to reach a certain milestone in your marriage before renewing your vows. I know a few couples who renew their vows every year. Do what feels right for your marriage.

Where: Vow renewals can usually take place anywhere weddings are held. For something simple, consider renewing your vows in your place of worship, in a backyard garden, or at the beach or lakeside. For a grander celebration, check out fun venues you can rent out.

Why: Some couples plan renewals to host the dream wedding they couldn’t afford the first time, and some just want to reaffirm their connection to each other. Whatever the reason, vow renewals should be fun and stress-free!

How: As with wedding planning, there are many resources available to plan your vow renewal. Hire an event planner or take advantage of the planning tools available on Perfect Wedding Guide.

Are you planning a vow renewal?

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