Boutonnières You Both Will Love


Though your mind may be on what flowers you and your bridesmaids will be holding down the aisle, the boutonnièreis just as important. Ever wonder why the groom and his groomsmen wear boutonnières in the first place? The groom traditionally wears a flower from the bride’s bouquet to symbolize his ties to the bride, and his groomsmen do the same—placed on the left side, right above the heart (awwww!). And though they may be small, boutonnières can make a big statement. They add a punch of personality, color, and texture to the groom and groomsmen’s lapels.

While flowers are the traditional choice for boutonnières, guys these days can be found wearing other types of bouts that are meaningful to the couple-to-be. If the groom has a favorite hobby (say, golf, tennis, or baseball) he may want to include a nod to that spot in his lapel accessory. If he’s allergic to blooms, or feels they don’t fit with his look, greenery, succulents, or berries are all great alternatives. Even paper flowers can do the trick!

Although they’re small, the men’s boutonnières can make a big impact, so it’s important to put some serious thought into your choice. To help inspire your own bout, we rounded up a few of our favorites from past real weddings.


These lush and full bouts were crafted from rosemary, thistle, spray roses, and ranunculus.

Romantic Blooms

Blue thistle, eucalyptus, and soft pink blooms brought a romantic vibe to this groom’s look.

Orange and Green

A bright orange orchid boutonnière popped against an emerald-hued jacket, and picked up the burnt pumpkin shades in the groom’s pocket square.

Love Note

The main attraction of this groom’s boutonnière—beyond the colorful ranunculus and carnations, that is—was a sweet card, written with a simple promise: “Forever.”

Blue Velvet

A green-and-white bout, complete with exotic greens and a single cream flower, was made more luxe thanks to a navy velvet ribbon.

Green Scene

A sprig of greens, an orchid, and a calla lily brought sophistication to this gent’s lapel.

Dusty Rose

An oversized rose, in the prettiest shade of muted pin, looked even better flanked by leafy greens and a twine-wrapped stem.

Pretty Peony

Wrapped in tuxedo black satin, an un-unopened peony and textured greens brought color to a traditional suit.

Little Lily

Front and center, a speckled magenta bloom popped against this gent’s dove gray jacket.

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