Wedding Do’s and Don’ts that No One Tells You About


There’s never a shortage of advice from friends and family during the time when a wedding is being planned—but what about the advice that no one ever gives you? Here’s a list of seven helpful do’s and dont’s that are too often overlooked.

  1. DO hire a wedding planner right off the bat, if you’re going to use one. If you’re planning everything yourself, great! But if you’d like a wedding planner, make that your very first step. By hiring your wedding planner and having them help make the most crucial decisions right in the beginning, and having them create your budget from the get-go, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration. For example, the wedding venue you choose will determine a lot of other decisions, such as décor and catering. Your wedding planner will be able to handle all of that, but you need to snag them right away so that they can do their job properly.
  2. DON’T wear colorful undies on your wedding day. A lot of brides think that wearing bold-colored lingerie underneath their wedding gown is a cute/girly/sexy idea, but beware: many brides that do this regret it later when that cute lingerie is visible in their wedding photos. Whether you can see it through the dress or it peeks out in certain areas, it’s just not a very good idea.
  3. DO seriously consider if you want the officiant to ask the traditional line during the ceremony: “If any of you has a reason why these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.” More and more couples are choosing to eliminate this line from their ceremony. “This is an outdated line that is being phased out,” says the professional wedding planners at De Luxe Banquet Hall in Los Angeles. “Even if someone were to speak up, technically their reason would have to be a legal one. You can’t just object because you want to.” The truth is, by omitting this line, it keeps the ceremony much more smooth and romantic because it doesn’t even allow the question to be raised. Consider ditching it.
  4. DON’T forget to assign a “phone monitor” for your wedding day. You’re probably going to be nervous, or at the very least, distracted—but you’re also going to be getting a lot of calls and messages. Half the time, you won’t even know where your phone is…unless you remember to assign a phone monitor. This person should answer messages on your behalf, hand your phone to you when it’s something very important, should make sure your phone is staying charged, and should also be someone responsible and trustworthy.
  5. DO discuss feeding each other cake at the reception. “Smashing the cake seems so expected among weddings these days, and it really doesn’t help when your guests and groomsmen start chanting ‘Do it, do it!’, but do you really want to mess up that expensive makeup job?” says Mandi at Chesapeake Charm Photo. The truth is, it is messy, so you won’t look your best in the photos for the rest of the reception. It’s also a predictable tradition that no one really loves. And if you think about it, those photos are never really that funny or cute. They’re just, well…messy.
  6. DON’T skip talking to your wedding photographer about what style of photography you prefer. Of course, do your research and check out their previous work, but also have a discussion with him or her about their approach and what you have in mind. Perhaps you like candid, more editorial-style shots more than traditional posed photographs. Or maybe you’d like a mix of both. Whatever your vision, be sure to talk to your photographer so that they can properly prepare.
  7. DO use a professional vendor instead of a friend—or “friendor” as wedding planners refer to them. We all have close friends who are photographers, makeup artists, DJs or band members, or who are good at baking, and it may seem like a no-brainer to have them assist on your wedding day. However, it’s very smart to think this through very carefully. There are some downsides to hiring or asking your friends or family members to take the reins on important areas of your wedding day. Because they’re so comfortable with you, they may not “snap to” the way you’d like. Or, if they do a less-than-great job at the task you’ve given them, you may find yourself bitter with them for years to come. They shouldn’t be drinking while working, and don’t you want your friends and family to have fun on your wedding day? Why put them to work?

Hopefully these do’s and don’ts will help your wedding day go more smoothly. Remember, wedding planners have seen plenty of successes and fails in weddings, so be sure to ask them about anything you’re unsure of. Happy planning!

Guest Blogger: Tori Pope from DeLuxe Banquet Hall 

Photo: Kaboom Pics

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