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Saving the top layer of your wedding cake is a long time wedding tradition.

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We have found that in many of our Perfect Wedding Guide markets across the country some bakers now include a top layer on your one year anniversary. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Too many times, couples are taking a pass on this time-honored tradition, in many cases, the cake is just not that good after twelve months in the deep freeze.

Recently a colleague shared a brilliant idea with our PWG blogging team:

  1. After your wedding place the top tier of your wedding cake, unwrapped in your refrigerator to set it up the frosting.
  2. While still very cold cut the cake into twelfths, wrapping each piece individually in plastic wrap.
  3. Place the wrapped pieces in zip-top freezer bags, probably two or three and place them in the freezer.

Remove one piece per month and enjoy a portion of your wedding cake on your anniversary date, each month for the first year.

This lets you have small celebrations each month over the first year when the excitement of wedding planning starts to wear off.

The small pieces tend to freeze and thaw faster, keeping the cake fresher.




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