Vendor Video Series: Choosing Your Officiant


Your wedding ceremony is one of the most significant parts of your wedding day.

Choosing your wedding officiant is of the utmost importance. A wedding officiant can either make or break your wedding ceremony.  Sadly, with all the excitement of planning a wedding, many couples leave choosing the Officiant or Minister until last. The most important reason to start thinking about this early on in the process is so you can find the right person for you!

Lon Tosi, with Sensational Ceremonies, in our Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide market has been married for over 45 years and considers marriage to be one of the most rewarding, wonderful unions that two individuals can enter into. This was one of the reasons he chose to become a wedding officiant!

Below are some tips on what to look for when choosing a Wedding Officiant:

Book in Advance

Many Officiants, like myself, are booked far in advance, just like any other wedding vendor. I suggest booking at least 1 year to 6 months ahead of time. This way you can take your time and interview a few potential candidates. Interview more than one so you get some perspective.

Make Sure It’s A Good Fit

I believe that your ceremony is the main event and the reception is the celebration of that event.  It’s been said that “The ceremony is the cake and the reception is the icing.”  Meet with the Officiant in person.  Choose an Officiant that “gets you,” one that you feel comfortable with and who is a good fit for you and your fiancé. The words that are spoken at your wedding are the words that form the covenant you live by, so choose wisely who speaks those words for you.

Do Your Homework

Ask questions, get referrals or read reviews from couples that the Officiant has married. Make sure that your ceremony is in the hands of someone you can trust and who will make your day incredible. Also, remember there are certain legalities from state to state as to who can legally marry you so check it out before you hire someone.

Choose A Professional

Why not just have a close friend or relative perform your wedding?  For the same reason, you wouldn’t have an amateur mechanic work on your Porsche.  Wedding Officiants are experts in what they do.  Most Officiants are excellent public speakers and have many years of experience performing weddings.

If you decide to have a friend or family member perform your ceremony, make sure they have experience…otherwise, it could be disastrous! Also, make sure they are legally allowed to marry you.

The officiant is just as important as your photographer, videographer, or cake vendor.  Most professional Officiants have performed hundreds of ceremonies and their polished presentation skills can bring a sense of calm and order to a sometimes chaotic day.

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