An Engagement Story: Crystal & Brad


We love this engagement story sent to us by this sweet couple in our Perfect Wedding Guide Georgia market. Brad decided to propose to Crystal in a VERY public way and put together a proposal four months in the making.

Check out what Crystal told us looking back on the day:

Perfect Wedding Guide - Perfect Wedding Guide Georgia - Engagement Story - Proposal

Erick Baker is one of my favorite artists. Erick Baker songs touched me and stirred so many emotions in me. One of our favorite songs is “stay a while” it’s the song we {Brad and I} would slow dance in the kitchen to, the background to many romantic dinners and evenings… Needless to say, it became our song pretty early on.

Earlier in 2017, I got word that Erick Baker would be in Buford for a concert. Little did I know his brain had started to turn.”

He {Brad} decided he was ready to ask for my hand in marriage. So, he emailed Erick Baker in July and started to come up with his master plan.

He {Brad} had reached out to all my closest friends {and family} secretly and had them at the concert too! It was so overwhelming to find all of this out afterward!!

In September I decided I would reach out to Erick Baker to see if by any chance they offered to meet and greet passes for the day of the concert. (Brad had planned and set this up with Eric as well).

His music had brought me such joy and had gotten me through many hard times that how awesome would it be to meet the man behind the powerful music.

Things happen, and we were not able to hang out with him before the show, but he reached out and asked if I would meet up with him after his sound check by the stage and if we would mind watching this show from backstage.

Brad holding me in his arms dancing with the biggest smile on my face I thought it couldn’t get any better he played a handful of songs then got up on the mic and started talking to the audience. He shared how we planned to meet before the show, but since it didn’t work out that he invited us to watch and enjoy the show behind the stage.

He then invited us to come on the stage and dance. In complete shock, Brad and I both walked towards the stage towards Erick Baker.

He then looked at Brad and asked Brad if he had any words that he would like to say. At this point, I honestly am not sure what I was thinking … Brad was handed the mic and looked at me,

“you are so beautiful; do you know that?” He turned towards the crowd, “can you all tell her how beautiful she is one time? I am one lucky man to share this stage with her” he then looked at me and grabbed my hand and continued “you know how much I love you right? I loved you since the first time I saw you. The very first thing I told you was that I was going to marry you. You told me No, but I wasn’t satisfied with that answer.”

Perfect Wedding Guide - Perfect Wedding Guide Georgia - Engagement Story - Proposal - she said yes

“so, Crystal Renee Mayfield will you marry me?”

In absolute shock, excitement and hands covering my face in shock I said yes and leaped for a huge hug!! Erick Baker then gave us a huge hug and asked us to stay on stage for a dance. He then started singing our song “stay a while.” After the song finished we left the stage and joined all our family and friends that had joined to witness this amazing proposal.

Brad came into my life and completely changed the way I felt and thought about love!! I am so thankful for his persistence and blessed to have him in my life.”

-Crystal Mayfield


Perfect Wedding Guide - Perfect Wedding Guide Georgia - engagement story - wedding proposal

Thanks for sharing this awesome story, way to go Brad!

Engagement photos by Katie B Photography



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