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Today’s blog post suggestion came to us from Atlanta Perfect Wedding Guide vendor, Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment. They offer unique interactive entertainment for weddings and events in the greater Atlanta region.

Jan shared some awesome points that too many couples overlook leading up to their wedding day.

Here’s what Jan shared that can help you have a smooth wedding day:

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You took the time to decide where you’re getting married, who and what you want in your wedding, and are carefully choosing vendors to help you fulfill your dream–what else do you need?

-If you don’t have a wedding planner guiding you, or if you want to take a few steps to help your vendors help you make your big day as smooth as possible, be sure that you…

-check your vendors’ RECENT references – so what if they played the Super Bowl Half-time 20 years ago?

-see if your venue requires your vendors to carry their own liability insurance. If yes, request that Certificate of Insurance from your vendor NOW, and not Friday at 4:30 PM before the wedding. They will need to contact their insurer and request a COI issued in the venue’s name.

-make it easy for your vendors to do a great job by creating a great environment for them. Let your venue know who is expected, and when, where they will be setting up and that you have adequate power, lighting, seating, and space available.

-send your vendors detailed maps to let them know where to load-in, where to park, and any oddities about the route or signage.

-offer refreshments and even a dressing room or green room for your officiant, photographers, entertainers, and others who may have traveled long distances and be spending the day far away from home. This is a cost-efficient and smart way to help them be at their best for your wedding.

-check for natural disasters and man-made solutions – for example: Got mosquitoes? How about a basket of individually packaged insect repellents? Potential for rain? Check if your valet is equipped with umbrellas. Hot weather expected? Have parasols available for guests.

-let your vendors know that you appreciate them. Saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ is an excellent habit to develop. You are off to creating an environment where everyone is positioned to do their very best! Enjoy!

Thanks, Jan! Great planning advice!

Successful vendors help to ensure a successful wedding day!

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