We are so happy with talented Perfect Wedding Guide wedding vendors offer to tackle the really, really tough topics.

Jesse Busch, of Perfect Wedding Guide Atlanta vendor SE Events dove head first into something that can be one of the most beautiful, touching moments of wedding receptions or the one thing that makes people cringe.

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The wedding toast!

So, who should be offering a toast at the reception?

This should never be Open Mic Night! Generally, you will find that the Best Man and Maid/Matron Of Honor are perfect for this moment.  They likely know the Bride and/or Groom better than anybody and can share special stories that paint a portrait of their lives and personalities for your guests.

Next would be the Parents, who can add loving childhood memories and insights, as well as struggles and triumphs.  That being said, there is no obligation or expectation for any of the above people to speak.  If your best friend, mom, or dad doesn’t feel comfortable with a mic in front of people, that’s OK!

Too many times we see toasts that turn into speeches and seem to go on and on, how long should a toast be?

perfect wedding guide - Atlanta perfect wedding guide - Atlanta DJ - SE Entertainment

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A good rule of thumb is about five minutes.  You can certainly make it shorter, and possibly longer if there are only a couple of speakers (or if Dad is just a great storyteller!).  Just remember, toasts (and often cake-cutting) are the last things before the dance party begins.  Let’s not keep them waiting too long!

What are some of the Pro Tips you have for couple’s to share with the people making toasts at their wedding reception?

Notes are your friend!  It’s easy for anybody to lose their train of thought or concept of time when standing in the spotlight.  But just reading a speech can lack passion and emotion.  Plan your speech with some simple bullet points in written form and just elaborate on each one… it will help you tremendously to keep on track!

Cater to the crowd.  If you have a wedding reception with young children’s impressionable minds (and ears), maybe a “Friars Club Roast” of the Groom by the Best Man isn’t a good idea!  Also, trying to incorporate both the Bride and Groom into your speech will win both families over.

Now that the people toasting are all prepped, this is the time that a great wedding DJ really is essential. What are the kinds of things that a pro handles that people don’t really notice?

Is champagne being served?  If so, the DJ should know to coordinate with catering or venue staff to ensure that it is passed out before announcing the toasts. Or is it a drink-in-hand toast? Your DJ can make an announcement like “Ladies and gentlemen, toasts will begin in about 10 minutes; this would be the perfect time for you to make your way to the bar for a drink, so you don’t miss out!”.

They will also make sure to lay out exactly who will be speaking and in what order.  The DJ should make sure that everybody who is toasting is present and ready to go before starting, and will announce each speaker and make sure that the transition between them runs smoothly.

All fantastic tips for wedding toast and how to make for a smooth and comfortable wedding reception. Thanks, Jesse for sharing some great advice!



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