When You Least Expect It


Proposals can happen at just about any time. We’ve heard stories of the best made plans going sideways. One woman found an engagement ring in their bedroom and waited weeks wondering (not so patiently) when he might propose.

Earlier this summer Ariel and Chris, a couple in our Baltimore Perfect Wedding Guide market, we’re going about their busy lives, this is what Ariel told us about Chris’ proposal.

My boyfriend, Chris and I went out to look at apartments. We had found some apartments but I was ready to go shopping.

Chris had told me that he needed to go to the mall himself but he didn’t want to take me. I was all ready to go home but Chris was headed towards the mall. I told Chris I thought he was taking me home. He stated that he wanted me to come along.

We park the car, Chris tells me he’s going downstairs to another store and he would meet me.

After I finished looking around, I went to sit outside. I texted Chris telling him where I was. He said wait right there, I’m coming to you.

I saw Chris coming around the corner. He told me to stand up and close my eyes.

I was like “CLOSE MY EYES!”

Chris shook his head. I complied. I was thinking he was going to surprise me with someone I haven’t seen in a while. I asked Chris if I could open my eyes. He said yes!

I opened my eyes, Chris was on one knee. He asked me if I would make him the happiest man on earth by becoming Mrs. Clark.

The first thing that I said was “Are you going to do this right here in the mall?” He said absolutely so are you going to be Mrs. Clark.

I said YES!!!! I was crying my eyes out.

It just goes to show you, you never know when your proposal is coming!

Congratulations Ariel and Chris.

Be sure to share your wedding with us!

surprise proposal -proposal - surprised bride to be- she said YES - he asked -

surprise proposal -proposal - surprised bride to be- she said YES - he asked - surprise proposal -proposal - surprised bride to be- she said YES - he asked -





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