Centuries ago a bridal party dressed exactly like the bride.

The intention of surrounding the bride with a large group of similarly dressed single, young women was to confuse evil spirits who might want to do her harm.

In later years they were to confuse would-be robbers who might want her wedding finery. This tradition continued all the way up through Queen Victoria when we see the first white wedding gown.Perfect Wedding Guide - bridal fashion - wedding gown - bridal gown - bridesmaids- wedding party - bridesmaids dresses - white wedding gowns

While today we still see a bridal party all dressed in in similar gowns or the same color; the tradition has definitely changed.

But, it seems that in the last year or so we have seen weddings in the media where both the bride and the bridal party are wearing white.

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So today’s question for our Perfect Wedding Guide brides is:

If you are wearing a white wedding gown, would you dress your bridal party in white a well?

Is it OK or NO WAY?

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