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Today’s expert wedding advice came to our Head Over Heels blog team from Atlanta Perfect Wedding Guide vendor Hannah Sabolik of Like the Dazzling Weddings & Events.

Check out Hannah’s great tips for having a stress free wedding morning.


The morning of your wedding should be fun, relaxing and a memory that you look back upon and think, ‘yes, that I will always remember.’ Being surrounded by your favorite ladies as you brunch, sip champagne and prepare for a… well, truly life-changing event.

There’s coffee, champagne, Hair and Makeup, lunch, letters to your love, that dress that requires an army of bridesmaids to get into, not to mention the bridesmaids dresses that all need to be tied in varying forms as to not repeat. Oh, photos! You need photos in your robes, candid shots of the makeup process, one with all ladies toasting to the big day…. you see where I’m going with this? Before you know it, you’re rushing out the door to the ceremony!

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I am here to let you know that it can also be incredibly busy! Fear not, I’m sharing a few tips to help you get organized and stress-free come time to walk down that aisle.


The morning truly flies by but with a good preplanned timeline of what should be done when, including time for breakfast/lunch, a hair and makeup schedule, when ladies should be in their dresses, getting ready photos and your departure time for the ceremony location or if you’re getting ready at the venue, a firm photography start time or end to the getting ready process, you’ll find yourself less worried about all the things that need to be squeezed in and more able to savor each moment.


Having a timeline specifically for H+MU is a huge time saver on the morning of the wedding. If your HMUA does not provide you with this, check with your coordinator to ensure a well laid out plan is in place for who is getting Hair and Makeup services and in what order. Brides H+MU is best wedged somewhere in the middle to end time slots as to be picture perfect. Furthermore, laying out the specific order of those getting Hair and Makeup saves on time, as well as the thought process as to whose gone and hasn’t. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the first one getting their makeup done on the wedding day, but somebody has to. Your H+MU schedule should look something like this…

8:45- 9:30 Madison Hair, Sheila Makeup

9:30- 10:15 Susan Hair, Madison Makeup

10:15- 11:00 Sheila Hair, Bride Makeup

11:00-11:45 MOB Hair, Susan Makeup

11:45-12:30 Bride Hair, MOB Makeup

*note that there are names here not just bridesmaids 1, 2 or 3


Have the things you want to be photographed together and ready for the photographer’s arrival. These include things like the invitation, jewelry, shoes, veil, rings (his, hers and engagement), perfume, etc.

wedding day details - wedding invitations- photographs for your wedding day

Same goes for the guys. Groom details often get overlooked but make great detail shots as well. Grooms, have your cufflinks, shined shoes, bowtie, boutonniere, handkerchief, etc. in a location easily accessible to the photographer to snap a few quick shots before getting suited up.

Which brings us to…


DO NOT pack the morning of your wedding. Have the things you need pre-packed or already out for ease. Ladies, this includes the hanger for your dress, robe or jammies for getting ready, comfortable shoes for the morning, wedding shoes, garter, cosmetic bag, undergarments, other wedding day essentials and your pre-packed overnight bag for post-reception. Don’t stress over where you put your bra cups when you should be thinking about which fruit you’ll have in your mimosa!

gowns ready for wedding day - wedding dress- bridesmaids dresses - bride - wedding party


Again…you, a mimosa, feeling excited and getting pampered. If it needs doing, you have a bride tribe at the ready. One important something to note here is to have the room you are getting ready in looking good for those touch-up photos and candid moments. I’ve seen many a getting ready room look like an explosion went off when all is said and done. Have a small task force to help tidy and stay organized. A few simple reasons for this: you don’t want empty champagne glasses and breakfast crumbs in your wedding photos, and your bridesmaids will be thankful to not have to sift through this war zone at the end of the evening to collect their belongings.


It’s easy to get wrapped up in all that is going on and forget to eat. You will need the energy so even if its just fresh fruit or a pastry, don’t forget to eat something. You don’t want your stomach rumbling during your vows or all that champagne to go straight to your head.


Your bridesmaids, mom and whomever else will be present for this and helping you should be 100% dressed, made up and ready before you put your own dress on.

Leave enough time + a bit more. It’s really not as simple as jumping in and zipping you up.

Perfect Wedding Guide - bride - bride dressing - wedding gown


If you are getting ready at a location off sight from the ceremony, you’ll want to build in travel time to your pre-wedding timeline. We always build in pre-travel time + a bit. Sometimes traffic is heavier than anticipated, a bouquet gets left behind, or someone gets lost. It’s OKAY to run a few minutes behind, it’s actually quite normal but let’s not get overly stressed. Try to leave time to sit down and relax before that walk down the aisle.


If you have a coordinator, chances are they’ll have one of these on sight, but many a bride will pack their own full of essentials. Having a bag of essentials will give you peace of mind.

  1. DO YOU

It’s your day. Make it memorable. Some brides wake early to have a moment to themselves or choose to have their hair and makeup done away from the rest of their bridal party. Whatever is going to make you feel best on your wedding day is what you should do.


Thanks, Hannah for sharing such amazing advice for your wedding morning.

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