Let The Parties Begin!


Congratulations on your engagement!

If you are reading this, chances are, you are among the thousands of couples recently engaged, and you’re setting off on the journey of wedding planning.

To get things started you need a little practice… Fiancé or is it fiancée?

“from the French in the mid-19th century, importing both the masculine (fiancé) and feminine (fiancée). This term ultimately derives from Latin, fidare literally meaning “to trust.” – Dictionary.com

Chances are you are going to start a sentence with this is my boyfriend/girlfriend; it will absolutely happen.

They have probably had that title for a while and will take a little time to get used to.

One of the first events of wedding planning is likely to be an Engagement Party.

Traditionally, this party is hosted by parents of the bride and is intended to announce the engagement to family and friends. We are guessing they have probably seen this on your social media already.

The can be informal, hosted at home with cocktails and homemade hors d’oeuvres or more formal and ‘country club.’ Leave that choice up to your parents or whoever might be hosting.

The guest list is typically a small portion of people who will be invited to the wedding. Because of this, we are seeing more and more friends of the couple hosting a separate engagement party for close friends of the couple.

Perfect Wedding Guide - Engagement - Engagement Party - Engagement Party Etiquette

The party is pretty simple and straightforward; the parents of the bride at some point will toast the couple and introduce the fiancé (or fiancée) and welcome them to the family. (yes, same-sex couples are hosting engagement parties too!)

At this point, it is proper (and almost expected) that the couple follows the toast with a toast and a thank you of all of the parents.

Perfect Wedding Guide - Engagement - Engagement Party - Engagement Party Etiquette


Seriously, it’s an excellent way for family and friends to meet the couple and wish them well. Gifts are generally not expected, but a small personal gift is often shared as most people are family or very close to the couple.

Your job as the couple, beyond the toast?

Show up, have fun, make small talk and show off the new bling! Relax and enjoy the first of many wedding related parties to come!

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