Telling your Story with Ceremony Music And Lighting


Ceremony music and lighting can provide you the opportunity to express yourself, the moment, and your commitment to each other, in a meaningful way to your family and friends.

What kind of equipment is needed to achieve this in a practical way? Procuring a professional sound system with quality microphones will enhance your musical soundtrack, whether it comes from live musicians or a Wedding DJ.

Special decor lighting can also be used to create a serene and transformative environment for your Ceremony! Let’s dive in and learn more about these individual services.

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Will your ceremony be indoors or outdoors?

Outdoor noise pollution from nearby city streets, airplanes flying overhead, or even running water can become a big distraction when guests are trying to focus on the words of your officiant.

Likewise, you’d be surprised how loud an indoor AC unit can be when competing with that same officiant!

Did you know that at just twenty feet the normal human voice can drop below 40 decibels, which is quieter than the inside of a library? This doesn’t even take into account other ambient noise that may be chirping or humming in the environment. This fact may be even more prevalent for guests who are seated in the back row!

One effective way to combat this is through the use of thoughtfully placed speakers in your indoor or outdoor ceremony location and wireless handheld or clip-on microphones to help amplify your vocals.

A well-placed sound system with good speakers gives your music and vocals the chance to sound their best! A professional AV Tech or Wedding DJ on-site can also help set up audio support for your live musicians, and/or perfectly cue musical tracks and song transitions for your wedding party.

Different microphones used individually or together are a great compliment to your sound system.

Wireless clip-on microphones, or lavalieres, are more sensitive than handhelds and are also more discreet as they can easily clip on a tie or the lapel of a jacket or tux; they are also great for photos!

Wireless handhelds are better for multiple readers or speakers and can be carried or placed on a microphone stand. These are also the same type of microphones you would use later on for a reception toast.
Another great decor idea for your ceremony comes in the form of lighting.

In an outdoor setting (In the evening), this could be a few lighting fixtures placed under or behind your arbor or backdrop. Maybe you’d like to set the mood with some rustic cafe or bistro lighting.

For indoor ceremonies, a few up lighting fixtures that match or compliment your wedding colors can really transform a room; the possibilities are endless!

sound system for wedding ceremony SE Entertainment - outdoor wedding ceremony - wedding ceremony  - outdoor wedding

In conclusion, a well-placed sound system with wireless microphones, and thoughtful decor lighting can be some of your best friends when planning out a Ceremony!


By using these tools, you will be on a path to confidently tell your story of love and commitment.


Thanks to John Johnson of SE Events (Spectrum Entertainment & Events)in our Atlanta Perfect Wedding Guide market for sharing this incredible information on ceremony music, sound and lighting!


Lighted wedding ceremony images by Jacquie Rives Photography

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