Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table


Beyond to see or not to see, sweetheart table vs. head table is the next most significant wedding planning debate.

While there are pros and cons to each, at the end of the day, the decision for the couple often comes down to the dynamics and relationships with their wedding party.

Head Table

Weddings have a long, long history with head tables. From tiered table arrangements to long tables flanking the couple, they are designed to showcase the relationships couples have.

Most often you will see the couple seated in the center with their respective honor attendant seated next to them followed by their wedding party.

In some cases, the wedding party may be intermixed with couples who were introduced together seated together.

And while the biggest pro to a head table is showcasing the couple’s relationships and seating them all together, the cons can often outweigh the pros.

Things like space play a big factor. Huge wedding parties can create a design challenge with hot to fit everyone in.

The second for most couples are odd numbers of attendants in their wedding party.

But the most pressing issue is that in years gone by couples were less transient, often marring someone they grew up with and many of their wedding party were related, dating or married to one another.

With people being more transient, the couple and their wedding party could be from practically anywhere and have significant others who are attending the wedding but not part of the wedding party. Often leaving them sitting alone with strangers.

Another big challenge, for the wedding party, is that after toasts the couple is up and on the move the rest of the evening leaving them sitting alone.

Sweetheart Table

A recent phenomenon, in the last few decades, sweetheart tables set the couple aside as a focal point. It allows for excellent wedding photos of the couple as well as an opportunity to add a luxurious design element.

Flanked by the wedding cake, honor attendants and parents standing near them offer beautiful, touching images of toasts as well.

Other than not sitting with their wedding party, the only real con is that one of the newlyweds might be uncomfortable being the center of attention.

The Others

There are also a few other options for seating the couple and wedding party.

Couples occasionally choose to sit at guests tables with their honor parents. A cute idea depending on the dynamics, just be sure to reserve yourselves a seat facing the rest of the room to see and been seen.

We have also seen couples sitting with their wedding party and their significant others at several guest tables or a huge feasting table.

And lastly, we have seen a couple seated at a sweetheart table close to several tables with their wedding party and their significant others.

The decisions for many boils down to personal comfort, relationships, and space in the reception venue.

So, which will you choose?



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