Bridesmaid Dress Trends to Love in 2019


In the past, bridesmaid dresses were always just a “wear-once-and-done” type of garment that would eventually gather dust at the back of your wardrobe. But with so many creative new trends today, dresses are a lot more fashion-forward and fun while still every bit of glamorous, which can make them a great formal number to keep in your arsenal.

On WWD’s Spring Bridal trend page, we’re seeing an emphasis on classic silhouettes merged with modern details, as well as simple yet elegant cuts. Bridesmaid dresses seem to be going down the same road — from refreshing colors to whimsical touches.

Like we previously discussed here on Perfect Wedding Guide, wedding dresses are more than just dresses. They’re an emotional experience, and the same goes for your bridesmaids. Below, we outline some of the best bridesmaid dress trends that your girl crew can take from the runway to the aisle.

Living Coral

From 2018’s ultraviolet, Pantone hailed Living Coral as this year’s color. While it may be reminiscent of popsicle sticks and summer days, don’t be quick to dismiss it for your wedding. Living Coral is a surprisingly versatile hue that can flatter all kinds of skin tones. It goes even better with a sun-kissed make-up look that is sure to bring out your bridesmaids’ glow.

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Credit: Vera Wang


Navy is a shade that can withstand all manner of trends and fashion seasons, but it seems to be putting itself front and center this year for bridesmaid dress trends. If you’re not so keen on the summer vibes of Living Coral, navy is a classic bet that is historically proven to never fail you.

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Credit: ASOS

Tea length

If you’re wondering what a tea-length dress is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Its hemline falls right below the knee, like your standard tea party dress that is equal parts conservative and classy. This humble cut exudes plenty of fun retro vibes without being boring, which explains why many celebrities like Selena Gomez and Alexa Chung have been seen wearing it. Tea-length dresses are also perfect to go with fabrics such as chiffon.

2019 Trends for Bridesmaids - wedding party attire - bridesmaids dresses - AzazieCredit: Azazie

Wrap style

According to a feature on Harper’s Bazaar, the wrap dress is a classic capsule item. It made more waves on the runway last year, and it’s here to stay on the bridal racks as well. Easily one of the more approachable styles, Pretty Me emphasizes the wrap dress’ exceptional fit, which magically looks good on almost all body types. Because it cinches at the waist, it brings out one’s curves and is very adjustable. Simply loosen or fix the tie placement to draw attention to your favorite features. This way, your bridesmaids won’t have any problems trying to force themselves into a style that doesn’t suit their body type.

2019 Trends for Bridesmaids - wedding party attire - bridesmaids dresses - wrap dress - CB Studio

Credit: DB Studio


Leave it to strapless dresses to flaunt just the right amount of skin without being too revealing. Sadly, not everyone is built for this style and some might need support to hold things up. That’s why strapless items are a dancefloor blunder waiting to happen, but one-shoulder dresses are here to save the day. The shoulder-baring detail exudes the same allure of a strapless number, but without the worry of everything falling off.

2019 Trends for Bridesmaids - wedding party attire - bridesmaids dresses - Ellie Saab - one shoulder bridesmaids dress
Credit: Elie Saab


We all have Meghan Markle to thank for the return of the halterneck style. For her reception dress, the newly minted royal Duchess stepped out in an elegant Stella McCartney number that boasted a chic halterneck and open back. Unsurprisingly, many brides and bridesmaids are starting to follow suit. Likewise, this is also a fuss-free fit that tends to flatter most figures.

2019 Trends for Bridesmaids - wedding party attire - bridesmaids dresses - halter bridesmaids dress - Watters - French Novelty
Credit: French Novelty

Written by Selena Jones for Perfect Wedding Guide

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