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Children at your wedding is a hot topic, all the time.

children at weddings- flower girls - ring bearers

Do we have kids at the wedding or not?

A lot of that seems to fall on cultural lines; some ethnic groups seem to be all about big weddings where everyone brings kids and others you might see none.

So look round and see what other family weddings might have done. It will obviously be up to you as a couple but you may have some negotiating to do.

Maybe just the ring bearer or flower girl?

This one comes up every time a couple decides no kids but then had a ring bearer or flower girl. Is it ok to have them but no other kids?

Absolutely, it’s your wedding!

We also see situations where couples have ring bearers and flower girls, and then after the wedding ceremony and photos, the kids head off to a hotel room with a baby sitter.

What if we have kids?

Your day, your kids your rules. Just like we mentioned above, even with your kids, depending on their age you might want them to chill with some pizza, a movie, and a baby sitter.

A good defense

The secret to a good defense is a good offense.

Be proactive and have family conversations early on in the planning. If you decide no kids, only ring bearer/flower girl or only your kids have a personal discussion with friends who you think might want to bring kids.

What if we decide to have kids at the wedding? 

Plan accordingly!

There companies that are bonded and insured, nanny and babysitting services specializing in weddings, who are trained and often bring age-appropriate games. You may want to book a separate space at the reception venue and have all of the kids there together.

If not, a kids gift bag with games and treats at their place setting does the trick.

Whatever you decide, having conversations early and thinking things through logically to cover all your bases is the best strategy.

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