What Your Wedding Photographer Wants Couples To Know (and What They Need to Know)


We LOVE this article from Keith Phillips of Perfect Wedding Guide vendor Classic Photographers. It touches on so many thing couples need to know about working with a wedding photographer.

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The relationship between a couple and their wedding photographer is about as unforgettable as the wedding day itself – they accompany you from point A to point B, through the tears, the laughter, and the pre-ceremony excitement.

Your wedding photographer, in most cases, is the primary person responsible for capturing the details, so you want to make sure that your communication is airtight! Building that trust is key, and it’s important that everyone is on the same page.

What We Want You To Know

Without a doubt, you are the star of your show on your big day. You took the time to research your vendors thoroughly, made certain that they had outstanding reviews, so we want you to remember that gut instinct you had when you first hired us!

As photographers, we understand that each couple is different and that each shot should be meaningful. That being said, reflect on what you initially liked about your photographer. Whether it was an amazing portfolio, excellent customer service, or that you felt extremely confident that they could nail each angle perfectly, trust that they take your wedding seriously and that they want to make you happy.

Additionally, we want you to know that the day goes by so quickly. Couples often overlook the amount of time they have in the day and everything that they can get done in that time period.

What We Want To Know From YOU

When it comes down to outlining your expectations, there are some things that you may not think to share with your photographer that we really do need to know, including what you consider to be priorities for your wedding album.

For example, it is important that couples share their family dynamics with the photographer. When it comes time for family formals, it can be quite embarrassing to pair up family members in pictures that either don’t get along or are not what the couple envisioned for these pictures. This is easily avoided by making a list of family formals you would like on your photographer’s worksheet that they provide. Also, everyone has a different version of formals that they would like to have taken, so as the couple, keep in mind that you should be specific with your photographer.

Miscommunication And How To Avoid It

There is always room for a misstep regardless of who you work with, but for your photographer, there’s a common miscommunication that can happen if not outlined properly in the initial stages

Although your photographer has (hopefully!) photographed a lot of weddings in the past, it is important to remember that every wedding is different and everyone’s vision of their wedding is going to be different. If there are specific pictures you want to be captured throughout the day, put them in writing for your photographer so that they can reference them at any point during your wedding.

To take care of any potential issues, your photographer will likely give you some homework in the form of a worksheet, and you’ll want to complete that thoroughly so that nothing is missed.

It is also very important to have a brief conversation with your photographer the week of the wedding so that everything is fresh in your minds! Doing so and establishing a secure line of communication will eliminate any stress on the day of, and you’ll be able to focus solely on enjoying yourselves!



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