#1 Tip For Hiring Your Wedding Photographer


This week we saw this image popping up all over our team’s social media feeds, and it was too real not to share here on the Head Over Heels blog.

The #1 Tip For Hiring Your Wedding Photographer has to be DO NOT ask a friend to shoot your wedding. Invest in hiring a professional.

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Your friends might be Insta-Stars or shoot really fantastic vacation photos, they might even have an excellent camera, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Professional wedding photographers know and understand the in’s and out’s of shooting a wedding, they have backup equipment and are not hanging around socializing with family an friends when they should be shooting.

We suggest you find a wedding photographer whose work speaks to you, look at an entire body of their work {an entire wedding gallery}, not just a few ‘best of’ images, and invest in the best photographer you can for your budget.

Look at booking them for Time and Talent, the package that has the amount of coverage you need for what you can afford. Then after your wedding add on all of the prints and books.

Let your friends be guests at your wedding and not documenting the biggest day of your life.

Have you checked out some of the awesome Perfect Wedding Guide photographers across the country?

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