10 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Wedding in Bali


It only takes looking at someone’s vacation pictures from Bali to make you want to look at being married there.

Retno Dwinika of Amora Bali Weddings shared some fantastic reasons to consider Bali for your destination wedding. Thank you Retno for your insight into your beautiful country.

Bali destination wedding - planning a destination wedding in Bali

1. Gorgeous Venues

Oh, the lovely venues! Most venues are either accompanied by a blue ocean, rice fields, clifftop or sunset. Whether it’s your pre-wedding, your actual wedding or your honeymoon, Bali has an enormous variety of beautiful venues for the picture-perfect romantic memories.

Private wedding villas offer intimacy and privacy on the most beautiful locations, where resorts and hotels offer more affordable weddings.


2. Diverse Landscape

There are so many different types of sceneries! From wonderful beaches to rice fields, hills, cliff tops, and waterfalls. Bali has many different kinds of landscapes.

Having such a variety of landscapes on just one island makes Bali one of the most unique places in the world to have a holiday, honeymoon, pre-wedding and wedding.


3. High Standards of Quality

Compared to many other areas in South-east Asia, Bali has a good standard in terms of Hospitality and hygiene. I can guarantee in many places you will experience being treated like a royal.


4. The Weather

Bali attracts visitors all year long because of the enjoyable climate and temperature. The temperature varies between 26 and 31-degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Bali has no winter, fall or spring. Instead, there are 2 seasons, the rain and dry season. The rainy seasons are usually intermittent showers and after that, you’ll usually see the warm sun again.


5. Both a Honeymoon and Wedding Destination

Because of the variety of places, you don’t have to stick in just one area. For example, you can hold your wedding in the Clifftop rich Bukit Peninsula and celebrate your honeymoon in the mountainous area in the Ubud region. There are many areas that you can combine, in just one island!


6. Ease of Getting Married

It’s incredibly easy to get married in Bali. Bali has a lot of venues that are wedding friendly. Almost every venue in Bali offers something for people aspiring to get married. The local laws also make it quite convenient to have a legal wedding in Bali.


Bali destination wedding - planning a destination wedding in Bali7. Wonderful Culture

Bali preserved its rich culture through all the years. The island is home to many wonderful traditions, ceremonies, and festivals. The culture creates Bali’s magical aspect that makes people come back all the time!