Upcycle Your Gown


It’s no secret that a majority of you are not wearing your mother’s wedding gown.

For ages mom’s (and probably your grandmother) preserved their wedding gown in hopes that their daughter would wear it walking down the aisle, preserving a bit of family history.

The truth is a fair number never had a daughter if so the daughter probably wasn’t their size and given the changes in fashion, we’d be it wasn’t their daughter’s style.

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So, what do you do with the wedding gown you invested in?


First and foremost, have the gown dry cleaned and properly preserved. Your white wedding gown will not look so white in a very short time if you don’t. White wine, sweat, and makeup go unseen and can ruin your wedding gown.

Consider putting your gown to good use.

Have someone create a few ring pillows, include some of the embellishments from your wedding gown. This is something your future children will appreciate and put to good use.

Wedding ring pillow - upcycle your wedding gown - white satin wedding ring pillow - reuse your wedding gown

Another fantastic option is a Christening, naming or Baptism gown. These gowns can easily be made gender neutral and utilize many of the fabric used in your wedding gown.

wedding gowns - reuse your wedding gown - create a Christening gown from your wedding gown - vintage lace Christening gown made from wedding gown

And lastly, donate! There are organizations who plan weddings for terminally ill people and people in financial need who would love your gently worn wedding gown.



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