To Garter or Not To Garter?


Where did the tradition of wedding garter come from?

Back sometime in the 14th century, it was believed that owning a piece of the bride’s gown would bring luck to the holder.

It became such an obsession that people were essentially attacking the bride to get a piece of her wedding gown.

Garters, which are designed to hold up stockings, were given away like a piece of the wedding gown to keep people from getting out of hand.

Stocking garters were also a symbol of the couple consummating their wedding as it was one of the last garments to be taken off.

We have fast-forwarded several centuries to a point in time where very few people know the superstition and silk stocking with garters are a thing of the past.

white wedding garter - wedding garter - the tradition of wedding garter

We have reached a point where the groom is crawling across the dance floor and up under the brides gown to the tune of Bootylicious, I’m Too Sexy or the theme from Mission Impossible.

While garters have become more personalized and can be purchased decorated with your favorite hobby, sports team or superhero, the tradition still leaves brides widely divided on whether they will or will not toss a garter.

batman themed wedding garter - super hero themed wedding garter

sports themed wedding garters - LA Lakers themed wedding garters

So, Will You or Won’t You?

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