How To Look Photogenic On Your Wedding Day


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Classic Photographers Director of Business Development, Keith Phillips, shared this incredible advice on how to look photogenic on your wedding day.

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Your wedding album gives you the opportunity to look back at your big day for years to come with fond memories, but unfortunately, there are no do-overs or retakes of your one perfect day. It’s natural for couples to want the best of the best when it comes to a wedding photographer for this very reason. Beyond that, there are a multitude of things you can do to ensure that you and your future spouse look beautifully photogenic without worry!

Professional hair and makeup is key for flawless photos, if you’re planning to wear makeup at all. Not only will you inevitably feel more confident, but those with many weddings already under their belt will have the expertise on which products to use so that you photograph well. For example, wedding makeup artists know which shades of concealer or powder to avoid that can cause ‘flashback’ in photos, making you look washed out. Mix in flash photography and it can be a recipe for disaster!

Better yet, it never hurts to have a professional style your hair and makeup in a way that ensures it stays intact through eating, dancing, and hugging all of your closest friends and family. Even for the men that think they don’t necessarily need a stylist –  you’ll be forever thankful for the lack of flyaway hairs in your photos.

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One way to test the staying power of your hair and makeup is to perform a trial (or two) in the weeks leading up to the wedding itself. It’s better to experiment in similar weather and see how it holds up for a few hours than waiting until the big day to realize that you need more hairspray or a major touch -up after your makeup artist has left for the day.

While it’s true that your photographer should primarily take care of posing, there are certainly some unflattering angles that you may look back on and regret. This can be anything from slouching, looking too stiff and unrelaxed, or faking a smile in the moment. After many years in the industry, we completely understand that it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and not necessarily think about how your poses will reflect in the finished photos when you have so many other things on your mind.

Above all, try to stay relaxed! Keep your shoulders loose, stand up straight, and make sure your chin is out and down. This pose is universally flattering on everyone, and you’ll look effortlessly comfortable and graceful.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not every photo has to be staged. Don’t be afraid to opt for a more natural, candid pose with your new spouse by talking to each other, laughing, and just enjoying the few moments you have alone together. These shots can turn out to be some of the most romantic of the entire day.

Being photogenic is ultimately more than just surface attributes, although it’s always a plus to look your best for such a milestone. You want to look relaxed, refreshed, and genuine in your photos, regardless of how talented your photographer is.

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