FYI They’re Coming To Eat!


We hate to be the bearers of the ugly truth, but wedding guests are coming to eat.

Part of it is simply the timing. If you are having a 3:00 wedding ceremony, here’s what the day looks like for your wedding guests.

11:30 – run to the mall because you forgot to get a wedding card

12:00 – shower, hair, and makeup realize I never ate lunch

1:00 – get dressed for the wedding

1:45 – leave early because you aren’t sure where you going or what parking will be like

2:45 – get there early to get a good seat

3:00 – wedding ceremony

3:10 – ceremony actually starts

bride and groom sitting together

4:00 – ceremony finally ends, leave for the reception

4:25 – get to reception, park, find a bathroom, find the cocktail hour

5:00 – cocktail hour begins, wait in line for a drink

5:10 – finally got a drink, look for waiter for hors d’oeuvres

5:40 – had two drinks and about four hors d’oeuvres

frustrated wedding guest - hungry wedding guest

5:50 – waiting for doors to open so I can find my seat

6:00 – ballroom doors open

6:15 – introduction finally start

6:40 – saw the first dance, parent dances, too many toasts, can I get a roll or something?

wedding reception - first dance- bride - groom -

It’s nearly 7:00, they haven’t eaten since breakfast and they only got four hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour.

Moral of the story, be sure not to skimp on food for your cocktail reception. Always include a stationary food display that is something hearty. A cheese display or antipasto work well.

When you are planning food for your wedding, think back to the last few weddings you went to and the things you wish they had done differently.


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